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Apple loses bid to dismiss states' e-book antitrust cases
In April 2012, the Justice Department sued Apple along with five of the six largest book publishers in the US, accusing them of conspiring to set e-book prices and working together to break Amazon's hold on the market with its Kindle e-book reader …
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Sony announces Digital Paper, a new digital reader for professionals

Sony announces Digital Paper, a new digital reader for professionals
Sony has announced a new e-ink based digital reader aimed at the professional market, named the Digital Paper. The Wi-Fi enabled device features a 13.3 inch screen – big enough to show letter-sized documents full-screen – and is designed to increase …

Kobo Brings Favourite Nickelodeon eBooks to Readers Worldwide
Kobo, a global leader in eReading, today announced it has signed an agreement with Nickelodeon Publishing to make hundreds of favourite series and titles available to millions of Kobo Readers worldwide. More than 250 top eBook titles from iconic …
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Q&A: Good, cheap, relatively thin PDA/eBook reader?

Question by darkcloud14: Good, cheap, relatively thin PDA/eBook reader?
I was looking for an eBook reader and I stumbled upon this site:

which shows a review for the Sony Clie T6152.
I looked on eBay and the Clie as well as a few other PDAs are relatively cheap because they’re a few years old.

Now, I don’t really care about the age, I just want something to read eBooks on rather than my cell phone. (Awkward small screen, backlight only stays on for 30 seconds, eats up batteries… etc.)
I just want something that works well.

Also, it would be nice if it wasn’t very thick, but that’s just a plus. I really don’t care much as long as it’s not gigantic and can preferably fit into my pocket.

Any ideas?
Oh, and looking through PDAs fo...

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Google Awarded Patent for Dual-Page Ebook Reader

Google Awarded Patent for Dual-Page Ebook Reader
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a Google patent application for a dual-screen ebook reader, according to a recent summary of its issuance by Patent Bolt. The patent reportedly describes a device that is capable of producing …
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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Wattpad eBook Reader, Skycheckin
Free e-book reader Wattpad brings millions of books to users, making it easy to download them and read them, as well as to keep up with books across multiple devices. What's cool? Wattpad is packed full of e-books that users can download to any of …
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Q&A: Im looking for an ebook reader on to which I can transfer pdf files from my pc library?

Question by Owen Adison: Im looking for an ebook reader on to which I can transfer pdf files from my pc library?
I’ve looked around and checked out the kindle and the nook but i dont think those have the function of transferring pdfs from an already existing library on a pc via usb for instance. I have a ton of pdfs I want to read and im tired of reading them on my desktop. Any body know of a good affordable ebook reader i can get ? thanks !

Best answer:

Answer by Rose D
All ebook readers, including the Kindle and Nook, can read unprotected PDF files. If there’s DRM on the files then it depends upon the type of DRM and file origin.

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Q&A: What is the best ebook reader in the UK?

Question by tech3475: What is the best ebook reader in the UK?
I am thinking about buying one because I have loads of PDF books on my computer but reading them makes my eyes sore and I dont like buying real books because of shelf space.

So I am thinking about getting an ebook reader. First of all are they any good and secondly what is the best one to buy for the money?

Best answer:

Answer by kitty
you can consider buying Kindle from amazon they do ship to UK
It’s sure a worth buying. Wireless is a unique feature I will say and that’s make really value for money. 3G wireless and global coverage, I personally travel a lot and really worthy for me. You can have any newspaper at any place. Paper like display, 1500 books storage and list is on.I love this little magic book.

Built-In PDF Reader:...

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Q&A: Which good Ebook reader has a color display?

Question by Kartik C: Which good Ebook reader has a color display?
Which released or soon-to-be released Ebook reader has a touch screen AND a color display? Is there any device except the iPad which combines an Ebook reader with a portable video player?
Is Sony PRS 900 available in India?

Best answer:

Answer by AKA Inverse Mushroom Cloud
Ebook readers are grayscale because that is what makes the page/text easy on the eyes to read. When you add color LCDs, first of all you make it harder on the eyes because you have to backlight the displays, and second you add enormous power usage. This is why all the dedicated ebook readers are grayscale. Nook has a small LCD on the bottom of the front panel that is in color, for navigation and such.

Color LCDs are a long way from being good ebook readers...

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The Best eBook Reader

The Best eBook Reader
The Kindle Paperwhite eReader from Amazon tops today's eBook readers with the best features with the best pricing. For all those positives, it may not take top spot by as wide a margin as some reviewers opine. We compared today's top gray-screened …
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Barnes & Noble Unveil Nook GlowLight: Lighter and Brighter E-Book Reader.
Nook Medial LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, has refreshed its popular lineup of Nook e-book readers. The new Nook GlowLight provides sharper text and advanced display technology for an optimized long-form reading experience that's more natural …
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Bookviser eBook Reader App Announces New Update For Windows 8
Bookviser, the ebook reading app for the Windows Phone platform has announced an update that...

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What is the best ebook reader for the price?

Question by dragon: What is the best ebook reader for the price?
I am trying to buy an ebook reader as a present for my brother, however, there seem to be so many options (kindle, nook, etc). I am looking for a medium to large sized one, not one of those small 6 or 7 inch readers. Is one type better than the others? Or are they about equal but one type generally has a better price? Basically I want to know, what is the best ebook reader for the price it is offered at?

Best answer:

Answer by Annis
I’ve only used the Nook Color in a 7 inch version but this Christmas, now in fact, they are selling the Nook HD in a largerr size. supposed to be 9 inches and may be larger. Just check out the Barnes and noble in your area. I love mine.

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Marvin the Intelligent Ebook Reader (Almost) Gets It Right

Marvin the Intelligent Ebook Reader (Almost) Gets It Right
Today I took a spin through a few books on my iPad with Marvin, a new and free ebook reader from Appstafarian Limited, and there's a whole lot to like about it. Billed as an “intelligent ebook reader,” Marvin provides an array of reading tools far …
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